Commercial Refrigeration for Wallaceburg

Commercial Refrigeration for Wallaceburg

  • September 8, 2017

With over 25 years of restaurant experience, ProTemp Mechanical provides businesses in Wallaceburg with commercial refrigeration service and repair. Along with the service and repair of all makes an models of commercial refrigeration equipment, we also offer service connects, new installations, and maintenance services.

Detailed Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Our highly trained technicians service more than 100 commercial refrigeration clients in the Wallaceburg area, which means we have a deep understanding of your needs, as every hour you are down impacts revenue. Whether you have a large industrial agricultural walk-in storage facility, or a small 10lb ice machine, we can handle it. Our positive track record allows us to specialize in commercial refrigeration.

Avoid expensive down-time, let us get your commercial refrigeration equipment back up and running fast.

Experienced and Licensed

Not only are our commercial refrigeration technicians completely licensed under the TSSA, they all undertake additional training provided by our factory authorized providers. We are experienced in servicing older commercial refrigeration equipment in Wallaceburg, offering expert commercial refrigeration repair, or the installation of new equipment, protected by the manufacturer warranty, and the ProTemp labour warranty.

In Need of Fast Commercial Refrigeration Repairs?

No matter the age of your commercial restaurant equipment, we provide 24 hour emergency commercial refrigeration service and repair.

Book your appointment in Wallaceburg today with our commercial refrigeration experts.

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